Common area

Renting the common room

Although the common room is a space reserved for travelers, we are happy to rent this room for holding public events, which have the potential of interesting our clients and correspond to the values ​​and mission the hostel:

  • Art exhibits (or other)
  • Book launches
  • Movie, short films or documentaries projections
  • Short conferences/lectures
  • Cooking workshops/classes (and other)
  • Dance/DJ nights
  • Shows (artistic performances of all kinds)

Our colourful and bright room has a full-equipped kitchen, tables and chairs, flat TV screen, and a small stage. We also have 2 sound systems, a microphone holder and 2 microphones. The room capacity is about 40 to 50 people. Want to hold an event in the common room of the hostel? Please contact us several weeks prior to the event to submit your details.

For a fee, it is also possible to reserve our fully equipped common area during festive corporate events, such as Christmas parties. Low cost packages related to renting the common area/room booking are also available. Please note that since the common area is also available to our guests, it is possible that a few guests will be present, but they will not take part, nor will not interfere with the holding of the event, since they will be informed. However, we strongly recommend renting the entire hostel for your event. 

Contact us for more details on the different options.