An ‘auberge’ translates as an ‘inn’ and ours is situated in a 1875 warehouse, which we restored and rejuvenated. Starting with a minimalist budget, furniture and doors were found on the street and restored, the beds were made by hand, we salvaged and restored what retained value and quality, our personal possessions were thrown in. We used what we had, and in a sense, what we didn’t have, to create an art house. The basic attributes and rich textures of the old city building: the rock walls, the old hardwood floors, the arched windows and high ceilings; we were able to restore. The minimalist budget forced inspiration and powered a passion to achieve our goals against what seemed impossible odds. The ‘Auberge Alternative’ is a budget boutique hostel. The doors were opened in 1996 by travellers (Angela and Bruno) passionate about making their lives meet their values. The auberge fuels itself on the positive energy of people wanting to create and evolve. The art of travelling moves us through internal as well as external landscapes and often a creative urge demands to link the two. The Auberge Alternative is an arts hostel providing accommodation and resources to travellers and artists alike to join us in redefining bohemia. Welcome to the Alternative. ****We are located at 358 St-Pierre street, Montréal, Québec, H2Y 2M1****