Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer breakfast?

Not at the moment.

What makes this hostel an alternative option for accommodation?

The Alternative Hostel is an eco-artistic institution, which means we adopt many practices that demonstrate our commitment to the environment and the emerging arts community. For more details, check out the Living The Alternative section of our website!

Do you lend padlocks?

No but we have them for sale cheap 😉

I checked out of the hostel, but I would like to leave my bags and suitcases for a few hours or even a few days. Is it possible?

We allow our guests to leave their bags and luggages at the hostel. If it’s a few hours, it is possible to leave them in the common area or even in our storage room. If you have to store them for several days, rates may apply. Contact us for more information.

I have heard that bed bugs often spread in hostels. Should I worry?

Do not be afraid. We are experts in the field, know how to recognize them and eliminate them quickly, if necessary. In addition, we make sure, on a daily basis, to inspect the rooms and beds. As a traveler, you should also take all necessary precautions to avoid transporting them with you. This is why sleeping bags are strictly forbidden on the beds.

I am a woman and I am not comfortable sleeping in a mixed dorm. Can you accommodate me?

Actually, we do have a dormitory for women only (the Pink Dorm). If no bed is available, we also have private rooms.

Do private rooms have private bathrooms?

Unfortunately, no private room has a private bathroom. All bathrooms are shared.

I have a visual disability that requires my guide dog to accompany me. Can I reserve any room?

In this case, it is best to book a private room. We can not allow a dog to stay in a dorm with other travelers, because of allergies or because some travelers may be uncomfortable with dogs. We appreciate being notified of this situation by e-mail as soon as possible so we can find the best option for you.

I have a toddler with whom I want to share my bed. Can I book in a dorm?

Toddlers are not allowed in the dorms and we do not allow 2 guests to share the same bed. The best option is to book a private room.

I am on a wheelchair. Is your hostel accessible?

Unfortunately, many establishments in Old Montreal are heritage sites, and the Alternative Hostel is an old building. This means it has no lift or escalator. In addition, it is important to know that the hostel is spread over three floors, accessible by stairs only.

Should I bring my own bedding? And do you rent these items?

No need to bring your own bedding, we provide it! Do bring your towel however.

I travel by car and I would like to park. What are the options?

Like all major cities in this world, Montreal is not exactly a parking paradise… And given our geographic location, the historic centre of Montreal, the streets are narrow and the establishments located in that area, for the most part, do not have parking space for their clients. The Alternative Hostel is no exception. However, it is possible to find parking on the neighbouring streets (make sure to read the signs and pay) and in the many paid parking close to the hostel. More information can be found in the Parking section of our website.